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About Eco-Watt

Eco-Watt Inc. is a Montreal-based, certified energy consultancy that has been providing leading edge energy solutions to its clients since 2004. We stand behind our solutions with a fully-backed guarantee and each project is self-financing from the savings.

Each client is unique. Our projects are designed to meet each client ís particular requirements using a proprietary decisional software and database, which have been built on the experience of thousands of applications worldwide.

Eco-Watt ís resources include electrical engineering, and professionals accredited by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA).

Our mission

Eco-Watt Inc is committed to an energy efficient world by providing customized, end-to-end system solutions that will reduce energy use, energy demand and energy losses, with savings that are guaranteed.

Our philosophy

Energy efficiency is recognized as the cleanest, cheapest, most abundant and immediately available new energy source. Each year, billions of watts are lost to inefficiency. This means that companies are paying for wasted energy that not only cuts into their bottom line, but contributes unnecessarily to carbon emissions.

Boosting efficiency not only yields a generous return on your investment, it ís a way to consume energy that ís less wasteful, more sustainable, and sensitive to the environment.

Contact us today. íll show you how to put money on your bottom line, and feel good about it. Guaranteed.

Our commitment

We generate hard savings on your electricity bill, typically 5%to 20%, with a cost-justified, turnkey project.

We install world-class technology, backed by manufacturer warranties, which meets or exceeds international safety standards.

We implement a maintenance-free solution which requires no employee involvement, does not affect the way your equipment functions and does not impact operations or customers.

We guarantee the savings and can provide you with an insurance policy specifically written for your project.

We help you meet your environmental goals.

Our technologies

Eco-Watt works with manufacturers and distributors who are recognized as well-established leaders in their respective fields over decades.

We have spent years researching and working with a broad range of energy saving technologies. If your facility demands a special design, we are able to create a custom fit using the broad range of technologies at our disposal. And, because they are passive, they do not require maintenance or special training to operate.

We apply technologies that will maximize your savings and minimize your expense, while eliminating additional lifecycle costs.


Project financing

Eco-Watt Inc. develops and installs projects that are designed to improve the energy efficiency and maintenance costs of facilities and, in the process, enable companies to meet their environmental goals.

Where required, we will introduce a financing partner, experienced in funding energy reduction projects. Eco Watt ís partners can offer a source of funding tailored specifically to your requirements. Whether you choose this option, or to pay in cash out of existing resources, an energy efficiency project will provide an excellent return on investment and immediate cash flow.

The Eco-Watt value proposition is simple. You already budget for a steady, non-negotiable "fixed" expense every month: your electricity bill. This expense is included in your Income Statement, your budget and your cash flow projections.

By implementing an Eco-Watt efficiency project, these "fixed" electricity costs decrease immediately, by 10%to 20%or more for commercial properties. Manufacturing and industrial facilities will typically see cost reductions from 5 to 15%,depending on the application.

This significant reduction in previously "fixed" costs provides you with immediate, new, unplanned cash which falls straight to your bottom line, and which can be deployed in any way you choose Ö other than to pay the electricity bill.