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1. Is your electrical power bill >$8,000 per month?

Yes No
2. Do you have induction motors >10 HP?   Yes No
3. Do you have electrical loads that remain on 24 hours a day?   Yes No
4. Do you have central air-conditioning equipment?    Yes No
5. Do you have large air-handlers or fans?   Yes No
6. Do you have fluorescent light fixtures more than 5 years old?   Yes No
7. Do you have lengthy electrical wiring circuits?   Yes No
8. Do you have any electrical equipment with intermittent shut-downs, or with frequent or unexplained maintenance issues?   Yes No
9. Do you have motors, lighting, wires or transformers that overheat or burn out prematurely?   Yes No
10. Do you have lights that are dimming, brightening, flickering, or require frequent replacement?   Yes No
11. Do you use welding equipment?   Yes No