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Our clients
Here ís what our clients have to say about Eco-Watt ís energy savings solutions:
"Eco-Watt treated all of our production machinery Ö including warehouse and external lighting fixtures. The turnkey installation was performed within 8 days without any disruption to our production or our operations. In the year following installation, we experienced a decrease in our annual kilowatt hour consumption of 7.69%per production hour, which exceeded Eco-Watt ís proposed savings of 6.62%.Our investment in the project is forecast to be paid off in 28.5 months, substantially less than the original payback of 36 months. These savings provide an important contribution to our ongoing manufacturing productivity and plant profitability."

Plant Manager, Injection molding plant

"Eco-Watt ís lighting audit of our million square foot commercial property provided us with a valuable analysis of our current situation. In addition to giving us specific recommendations that will help us immediately, it provided us with a structured approach to further savings based on ROI criteria for the future. We look forward to realizing substantial savings as we implement your recommendations. I look forward to a lasting relationship and will continue to look to your firm as a valuable resource for energy savings opportunities."

General Manager,International property management firm

"We used Eco-Watt ís services and products as part of an energy cost-reduction project for our Regional School Board. We were very pleased with the efficient installation of this turnkey project and the savings which were generated. We have calculated the savings for this part of our project at over 10%,giving a return on investment for our client of under two years. We are impressed with Eco-Watt ís technology and we value the savings that they can deliver to their clients. We would recommend their approach and energy savings equipment to anyone."

Public Sector Manager, Global engineering firm

"We are very satisfied with the multi-product energy saving system installed by Eco-Watt in our 140,000 square foot facility at our downtown community centre/sports facility location. We were impressed with their ability to determine savings opportunities and the fact that the passive technology was installed without any inconvenience to our members, or any impact on our operations. We also appreciated the post installation verification of the results, which showed savings of 11.79%,leading to a faster payback than originally proposed. We are now pleased to start implementing your system in other locations."

CFO and Director Special Projects, Worldwide community organization

"We installed Eco-Watt Inc. energy saving products on some of the motors at our hotel as an initial step in implementing and Energy Reduction project to address rising electricity prices. We are very pleased to confirm that the product is functioning and delivering the reduction in electricity usage as promised by Eco-Watt and look forward to proceeding with further phases of our project in the near future. We have found Eco-Watt to be an excellent company to do business with, both in terms of their responsiveness and delivering on their commitments."

VP Finance and CFO, Manhattan, NY hotel

"Eco-Watt Inc. has installed a suite of energy-efficiency and lighting products in our Sports Complex and Arena. The installation was performed efficiently, without any disruption to our operations and reduced our consumption of electricity as Eco-Watt had committed. In addition to delivering the promised energy savings, the Eco-Watt installation resolved long-standing issues which we had previously experienced with power quality. Their work eliminated problems which had caused motors to fail and ballasts to burn out prematurely and led directly to a significant decrease in maintenance costs and interruption of our programs and operations.

The Arena lighting installation as designed and installed by Eco-Watt reduced the cost of lighting by 56%and delivered an improved quality of lighting on the ice surface, a fact highlighted by our clients and their coaches. We are very pleased with the solutions delivered by Eco-Watt both in terms of energy savings and maintenance cost reduction. We appreciated their customer focus, problem-solving attitude and continuing presence to ensure our satisfaction after the installation was completed. We are very pleased to recommend their services."

Municipal Sports Complex Manager, Montreal Island City