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How we do it

Eco-Watt delivers a single, turnkey proposal to our clients that:
Is passive, not involving cycling of loads
Requires no employee involvement or training
Will not affect operations
Is easily implemented by reputable local contractors
Provides up to 20 years service without maintenance
Has exclusively positive side effects
May include a fully insured guarantee for savings
May also include lease financing to generate positive cash flow while your investment is being paid off.

Step 1. Facility walk-through

We want to make sure we understand your business, so we can provide the best energy solution for you. The first step is a walk-through of your facility with the person that best understands its electrical systems. We gather information on your electrical loads, equipment operations, and power quality and electrical maintenance challenges, as well as review your electrical billing history.

This initial phase will help us assess the energy saving potential for your facility.

Step 2. Evaluation report and detailed site Engineering Audit

We prepare a report from the walk-through that outlines our approach and describes the anticipated results. A more detailed Engineering Audit is then conducted to capture the level of data needed to engineer and design an Eco-Watt Energy Savings project with guaranteed results. This Audit includes specifics of consumption, costs and projected savings of each category of electrical load in your facility, and our customized project proposal.

Step 3. Project installation and ongoing savings verification

Once you accept and approve our proposal, we hire professional local contractors and personally supervise each installation to ensure a seamless, no-interruption energy savings solution. As part of our installation process, we document electricity usage by your equipment before and after the application of our technology.

Ongoing savings verification is achieved through the documentation of post installation consumption in comparison to savings targets outlined in the proposal to prove the savings realized. These savings are reviewed with our clients quarterly during the verification period.

It ’s easy, risk-free, and the savings are guaranteed. Eco-Watt energy solutions not only save money, they contribute to a cleaner, healthier world.