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What we do

Eco-Watt begins by evaluating your facility as a whole, in a proven process that generates a comprehensive plan for reducing your energy costs. We work with you to fully understand your company ’s electrical distribution system and, simply put, we fix its inefficiencies.

It does not matter what equipment or lighting loads you are operating, whether those loads already have existing energy management devices installed, or even if power factor correction has been installed at the utility meter. Eco-watt ’s technology can be overlaid on any pre-existing systems and still save you money.

Our passive energy solutions boost efficiency by:

Reducing amperage for inductive loads, such as motors and compressors
Improving heat transfer and reducing friction losses and run-time in chillers and air-conditioning systems
Canceling the damaging effects of harmonics and other power quality issues
Reducing electrical line and distribution losses
Modernizing and replacing lighting fixtures, reflectors, sockets, ballasts and bulbs

A well-balanced electrical system powering an array of electrical loads will be remarkably efficient. Greater efficiency results in electrical equipment running cooler, in production and process controls that are more accurate, and in more reliable IT systems and data storage. It also reduces equipment replacement and repair costs and production downtime costs. And because our technology is passive, its installation will not disrupt production or require employee involvement.

In addition, with the gains in system capacity that result from greater efficiencies, you can increase operating load levels within the existing electrical distribution network